How to get Max FPS (NO LAG)

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# Important config settings

  • rate 25000
  • fps_max 1000
  • developer 1
  • ex_interp 0.01
  • cl_minmodels 0
  • cl_showfps 1

# Important GPU NVIDIA settings

Open your "Control Panel", how to open "Control Panel": Windows 10, 7, XP

If your screen looks like this, change "view by:" settings to "small-icons"

Click on the "NVIDIA Control Panel

nvidia maxfps
Set your settings to "Use my preference emphasizing", and chose performace

nvidia maxfps
Tested with:
GPU: 512MB GeForce 7300GT
OS: Windows XP
Final Result: 999fps
In Game: 200-400fps
Maps: de_dust2, de_inferno, 35hp_2
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