Counter-Strike 1.6 Download
The CS 1.6 game download is completely FREE
Counter-Strike install contains latest 2021 updates and is protected against malicious server commands
CS is comapatible with the latest PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 versions.
CS 1.6 Download

Important config settings

  • rate 25000
  • fps_max 1000
  • developer 1
  • ex_interp 0.01
  • cl_minmodels 0
  • cl_showfps 1

Important GPU NVIDIA settings

contorl-panelOpen your "Control Panel", how to open "Control Panel":Windows 10, 7, XPcontorl-panelIf your screen looks like this, change "view by:" settings to "small-icons"nvidia settings
Click on the "NVIDIA Control Panel
nvidia maxfpsSet your settings to "Use my preference emphasizing", and chose performacenvidia maxfpsTested with:
GPU: 512MB GeForce 7300GT
OS: Windows XP
Final Result: 999fps
In Game: 200-400fps
Maps: de_dust2, de_inferno, 35hp_2