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# About the game

Counter-Strike - found in june 1999, It's a world most ranked first per shooter game, of all time. While performing a online mach or playing with bots, you can choose your team, it could be Terrorist, Counter-terrorist or Spectators. All teams (except spectators) have a goal, mostly the goal is set by the map, but one way to will is always there: Kill every body and stay alive.

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# Game goals, mostly set by the map

Defusing the bomb:
Terorist team picks up the bomb to the in to the marked place, called A or B. After moving the bomb to its place it needed to be planted and to be protected from defusing. Counter-terorist goal is not let to plant the bomb or if the bomb is planted they need to defuse it, if they dont Terorrist will win.

Hostages rescue:
Game starts with all known scenario, Terrorist have taken hostages and they needed to be rescued. The goal of Terorist is to not let rescue hostiges until times up or eliminate all Counter-terrorist team. Counter-terrorist mission is totaly difrent, they need rescue the hostages and bring them to the marked place (mostly the CT spawn).

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